Tiger T-104 injured in Ranthambore, Forest Department has tranquilized

Tiger T 104 wounds in the feet , forest department has tranquilized and treated it Last month it was injured in the fight with Tiger T64.

Tiger T-104, who lives in Zone 5 of Ranthambore National Park, was found the wounded in the feet during trekking. In the Bhadlav region of Ranthambore, the forest department's rescue team tranquilized the Tiger T-104 on Thursday, May 2, 2019 and treated it. During the trekking of the forest department, there was talk of worms falling on the tiger's feet. Last month it was injured in the fight with Tiger T64. Rescue team of forest department left the tiger in the forest after treatment.

It is worth mentioning that on April 1, there was a conflict between the Tiger T64 and the Tiger T 104 in the Dhakda Forest area. Veterinarian Rajiv Garg told that this had wound up in the front leg of Tiger T-104. He told that the pus in the leg had fallen. In this way the tiger was unable to hunt and it was very weak. There were wounds on the tiger's chest and elsewhere. The doctor also treated those wounds. During this time, CCF Manoj Parashar of Ranthambore Tiger Project, DFO Mukesh Saini and Tranquilizer Expert Rajveer singh were present.

Tiger tranquilized in the field

The team of forest department reached the Bhadlav village of Kundera range at around 5 in the evening. He undertook tranquilize to the tiger in a farm house near Bhadlav village. After this, veterinary doctor Rajiv Garg operated the tiger's leg. After treatment, forest personnel left the tiger in the Dhaakda forest area.

Radio collar installed to the Tiger

For the monitoring of the tiger, the forest department team has once again placed radio collar in his neck after treatment. It is noteworthy that in the month of February, after the trekking of the tiger in the fields, the radio collar was installed by the Forest Department. However, in a few days the tiger's radio collar fell into the forest.

Forest department was providing food

Due to the wounding of the tiger and having a big wound in one leg, the tiger was not able to walk with three legs. In such a situation, the tiger was reaching near the water hole, but he was unable to hunt. In this situation, the department also arranged food for the tiger.

The wounds were seen in the camera

Forest Department was tracking the tiger. Cameras were also installed for tiger monitoring. In such a situation, tiger foot lesions appeared in the camera and the lesions were likely to have worms. Forest department saw the footage. The tiger was having trouble walking.

This tiger killed a woman in the field

Tiger T-104 has been tranquilized even before by the forest department. In February 2019, the tigers came out from the forest and came to the fields. Earlier, he also attacked a woman in Paldi village. After this the Forest Department tranquilized the tiger and left in the Forest.

Tiger capture events

1.40 pm: Information about Tiger being in farmhouse

2.00 pm: Forest department team reached the spot

4.00 pm: Tranquilized the tiger

6.00 pm: Tigers treated

6.10 PM: Radio collar installed

6.40PM: Left the tiger in the Dhakda forest area.

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