Ranthambore's dreaded tiger T104 shifted to Udaipur and died in the night

Tiger T 104 in Ranthambore

The dreaded tiger T-104, which killed three people in Ranthambore, finally bid farewell to Ranthambore on Tuesday, May 10, 2013 after nearly three and a half years. Tiger T-104 was tranquilized by the forest department at around 6.35 am on Tuesday morning in the enclosure located at Bhid Naka of Taleda range of Ranthambore. After this the doctors conducted the health test of the tiger.

At around eight in the morning, tiger T 104 was sent by road from Ranthambore National Park to Sajjangarh Biological Park in Udaipur.

According to the information received from the Forest Department, a committee was constituted earlier to study the nature of the tiger. Considering the aggressive nature of the tiger, the committee had described the tiger as a threat to humans. The committee refused to release the tiger again in the open forest. Since then, the tiger was imprisoned in the enclosure of Bhid Naka.

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Recently, permission was issued by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to shift the tiger to Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur. Significantly, the Forest Department team had monitored the tiger imprisoned in the enclosure for a long time on Monday as well. On the other hand, the shifting operation was carried out by the Forest Department early in the morning on Tuesday. 

Tiger T 104 Shifted to Udaipur

 The team reached the forest at six in the morning

According to the information received from the forest department, the forest department team had reached the enclosure located at Bhid Naka of Taleda range at around 6 am on Tuesday to shift the tiger. After this, tracking and monitoring of the tiger was done with the help of radio collar and then at 6.35 am the tiger was tranquilized.

The tiger was said to be completely healthy

After tranquilizing the tiger, a team of veterinary doctors from Ranthambore and Udaipur conducted a health test of the tiger. In this the tiger was found completely healthy. After some time the tiger was shifted to the cage and given revival. Then the tiger was sent by road to Udaipur's Sajjangarh Biological Park. In view of the summer season, ice blocks were also installed in the tiger's cage.

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These officers were present

During the shifting of the tiger, CCF of Ranthambore Tiger Project Seduram Yadav, Park Conservator Mohit Gupta, Talda Ranger Ramkhiladi Meena, Park Conservator of Ramgarh Vishdhari Tiger Reserve Sanjeev Sharma, CCF of Udaipur, Park Conservator of Sajjangarh Biological Park, Ranthambore Tiger Project Veterinarian Dr. CP Meena, Dr. Rajeev Garg, Rescue team in-charge Rajveer Singh etc. were present.

Introduction of tiger T 104

Tiger T 104 was born around June 2016. Tigress T-104 is the son of tigress T-41 aka Laila and father is T-64 aka Akash. Tiger T 104's mother Tigress T 41 alias Laila lives in Zone 5 of Ranthambore since childhood. Tigress T 41 alias Laila is the main tigress of Zone 5's Bakhola, Berda, Bagh-da and Kachida valley areas.

Tigress T41 aka Laila delivered her second litter in 2016. Tigress's partner was Akash, T-64. The second litter of T-41 was sighted for the first time in Zone No. 5 during Ranthambore Jungle Safari on 20 October 2016.

Tiger T-104 died within 24 hours of shifting 

Bad news came for wildlife lovers the next day after Tiger T 104 was shifted from Ranthambore to Udaipur.

Tiger T-104 died on Tuesday after being shifted from Ranthambore to Udaipur's Sajjangarh Biological Park. After the death of the tiger, questions are now being raised on the shifting done by the Forest Department. 

Tiger t 104 died in udaipur

Tiger T 104 died within just 24 hours of tranquilizing

Tiger T-104, fondly called Cheeku, died within 24 hours of being tranquilized. Tiger was tranquilized from Ranthambore at 6:35 am on Tuesday. After this, at eight in the morning, the tiger was sent from Ranthambore to Udaipur in an AC vehicle. Tiger was released at Udaipur's Biological Park at around 7:40 pm on Tuesday. He drank water and went to the pond and sat in the water. He died at around 12 in the night.

The forest department employee saw him at 6 in the morning, the tiger was not making any movement, he called the ranger. Even then, when there was no movement of the tiger, the officers of the Forest Department reached the Biological Park in the morning itself.

Team of 4 doctors did post-mortem, sent samples to Bareilly-Ahmedabad

Udaipur DFO Ajay Chittora said that the team of the veterinary hospital did the post-mortem of the tiger. After that Tiger was cremated. The post mortem team included Dr. Kamalendra Pratap, Dr. Hanskumar Jain, Dr. Himanshu Vyas and Dr. Savita Meena, who have confirmed the infection in Tiger's lungs in the primary investigation. Samples have been sent to Bareilly and Hyderabad labs for testing. When the report comes from where, the clear causes of his death will be known correctly.

Ranthambore's most dreaded tiger T-104 died due to a lung infection in Udaipur's Sajjangarh Biological Park. In the whole case, the reason for the death of the tiger is believed to be gross negligence of the forest department. The most surprising thing is that before the death of Tiger, the Forest Department was not aware that Tiger also had a lung infection. This means that before shifting from Ranthambore to Udaipur, Tiger's medical examination was just a formality.

In this case Ranthambore DFO Mohit Gupta says that we had checked the weight, length-width and temperature of the tiger after tranquilize but did not check the tiger internally. That's why the infection in the lungs was not detected. At the same time, Udaipur DFO Ajay Chittora has confirmed the infection in Tiger's lungs after the post-mortem examination. Chittora said that this infection did not happen suddenly. It gradually spread in its body.

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Rajeev Arora, chairman of Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Limited and senior Congress leader, has blamed the forest department and the concerned officials for the incident. Raising questions on the death of the tiger by tweeting, he has demanded an inquiry into the matter. Rajiv Arora said that "the news of the death of Tiger T-104 is very sad. Negligence was done in shifting the tiger from a closed vehicle about 700 km away from its location during day time in scorching heat. Along with this, it is necessary to know the truth of the quantity of medicine while tranquilizing. In the initial form, it shows the insensitivity and negligence of the concerned department and officials."

Arora has demanded state Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Forest and Environment Minister Hemaram Chaudhary to take cognizance of this very sensitive subject and take action against the concerned officials. He said that tiger is an important part of our food chain and an important component of the ecosystem. In the year 1973, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started the Tiger Project for tiger conservation. 

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Guest - Hans MARKS on Saturday, 17 June 2023 07:19

When will the authorities be held accountable for their actions in India ? Only then may we expect any form of justice or truth.

When will the authorities be held accountable for their actions in India ? Only then may we expect any form of justice or truth.
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