The conflict between the Tigers T42 and T 109 for territory in Ranthambore

​T 109 Veeru Ranthambhore – Photo Courtesy Sathiya Seelan

Recently there was a clash between male tiger T42 alias Fateh and male tiger T 109 alias Veeru for the territory in Zone 10 of Ranthambore National Park in which tiger T 109 was injured. Due to the increasing number of tigers and dwindling space in Ranthambore National Park, many tigers have not been able to make the territory. Due to this, there is a struggle between tigers.

One such case came up in Zone 10 of Ranthambore National Park on Sunday. Male tiger T109 aka Veeru found injured in a farm house in Avand area of ​​Zone 10. Tiger T109 is the cub of tigress T 8 (Ladli). The farm house is located near Bhairupura. Forest officials have said that it will be struggling with Tiger T 42 (Fateh) over Territory. The forest department team also captured photos of the tiger in the camera. The late night tiger T42 has also been found in an injured condition. He also has a leg injury and is walking limp.

71 tigers living in the place of 50 tigers

The Ranthambore tiger project has habitation, for 50 tigers, but currently 71 tigers are living here. In such a situation, there is little space for tigers and they are fighting amongst themselves about the area.

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Veterinarians arrived on the spot

Veterinary Rajiv Garg arrived on the spot. One leg of the tiger is injured. According to forest officials, the condition of the tiger is fine. Therefore, it was not tranquilized.

Manoj Parashar CCF Ranthambore says that tiger T42 and T 109 clashed over the area. Both tigers have suffered minor injuries. The forest department team is monitoring both tigers. Earlier, there was a possibility of conflict with the T108, but the tiger T42 was also found injured which is confirmed to be fighting with it.

Mukesh Saini DFO Ranthambore says that there are about 15 tigers of Ranthambore who roam the border of the forest. In such a situation the process of coming out and going out of the forest continues. An enclosure has been made to rescue tigers. However, due to tiger T 104, no other tiger can be kept there.

Enclosure too inadequate

In view of the mutual conflict between the tigers, an enclosure of two hectares was made in the Bhid of Talera forest area. The purpose of the enclosure was that the sick and injured tiger could be kept here and monitored. According to the forest department, there are about 15 tigers who are roaming around in search of their territory and there is a situation of conflict in them, but due to the small enclosure, barely a single tiger can be kept here. In such a situation, the problem has become more serious.

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Friday, 12 July 2024

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