Injured Tiger T-109 Dies in Ranthambore National Park

The injured Tiger T 109 died during treatment at Ranthambore National Park. There was a fight between Tiger T 109 Veeru and Tiger T42 Fateh over the territory in which Tiger T 109 was badly injured.

A bad news came from Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary on Thursday, October 3, 2019. Tiger T-109, caught four days ago in an injured condition by the forest department, now died during treatment. Recently, there was a fierce conflict between Tiger T-42 (Fateh) and Tiger T-109 (Veeru) over the territory. Tiger T-109 was badly injured in this. The Tiger T-109 was also tranquilized and treated by the Forest Department two days ago. Despite this, the condition of the Tiger T 109 was not improving.

Tiger T-109 was in cage for treatment since 30 September. Due to the fight with the other tiger, there were about 50 wounds on his body, which got infected. The injured tiger was being treated by veterinarians. During this he died. The condition of the tiger deteriorated further after the forest department tranquilized it. It is feared that re-tranquilized of the tiger adversely affected his health. Disappointment has occurred among forest officials and wildlife lovers with the death of the tiger.

After getting tranquilize again, the condition became critical

Veeru T 109 was tranquilized for treatment for the first time on 30 September after fighting with a tiger T42 Fateh. After this, the condition of the tiger was improving. The tiger also started eating food and had also started movement in the cage. Subsequently, on 2 October the tiger was again tranquilized for treatment. But after re-tranquilizing, the tiger was in critical condition.

Life journey of this two and a half year old tiger T 109 Veeru

Tiger T-109 was born about 40 months or two and a half years ago. It was born by tigress T-8 at a place called Chidi Kho of Zone 7 of Ranthambore wildlife Sanctuary. Its father is T-34 aka Kumbha. The tiger T 109 was known as Veeru in the jungle and another male tiger born with it, T 108, is known as Jai. For this reason, these two were known as Jai-Veeru pair. Later, Tiger T 109 moved from Chidi Kho area with his mother to the Kundal forest area of ​​Zone 6. After being young here, both the brothers separated from the mother and wandered in search of a different area for themselves. As soon as he stepped on the threshold of youth, it started getting challenged from other young and ferocious tigers from all around and it could not stand anywhere within the forest.

The previous day, there was a fierce conflict between the tigers T42 and T109

With the increasing number of tigers in Ranthambore, the variance area of ​​tigers in the forests of Ranthambore is decreasing. In this case, there are cases of conflict between tigers due to territory in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Tigers are dying in mutual conflict. So far this year, 2 tigers have died in a mutual struggle for territory in Ranthambore National Park.

According to the forest department, there is a constant struggle between tigers in Ranthambore regarding the territory of tigers. As a result, a tiger T 109 aka Veeru died in Ranthambore National Park. Recently, there was a fierce fight between Tiger T-42 and Tiger T-109 for the territory. In this, the Tiger T-109 was badly injured. The tiger had a total of 35 wounds on its legs, back and neck. The wounds were much deeper. Many wounds had worms. However, the forest department had also treated the T-109 by tranquilizing it. Worms were removed by treating the tiger but still there were chances of infection and septic in the wounds. Despite the treatment, Tiger's condition was not improving. He was kept in a cage for look after. The forest department was constantly monitoring it.

Could not bear the collision of T-42

When this tiger could not survive in the forest after challenges from every side, it chose a path outside the forest and started searching for a territory on the border of the forest. Just a few days ago it went to Bhairupura area, but unfortunately there was already a tiger T-42 (Fateh) present there. This tiger is also much larger and bloodier than the two and a half year old T-109. It is believed that the T-42, about 11 years old, attacked the tigers T-109 when they were in front and badly injured the tiger Veeru, preparing to step on the threshold of youth. T-109 ran away from there after being injured but could not find any place. In such a situation he entered an Amla farm near Daulatpura Village with his wounds.

Tiger T 109 breathed his last in Ama Ghati

The department had caught the tiger from near Daulatpura, but after being captured in the cage it was kept at Ama Ghati Outpost. Due to the location being close to the headquarters, from time to time, officers and doctors used to visit it. It was again tranquilize on Wednesday. The tiger finally died in the cage on Wednesday evening.

Infection in wounds

According to departmental sources, the T-109 suffered a minor injury between 35 and 50 in this battle of two tigers. Ten of these injuries were very serious. During this time, his wounds got infected and some got worse due to pus and worms. On the advice of veterinarians, the department officials decided to treat it by keeping it in a cage, but it could not be possible.

The life of the cage did not go well

This tiger was captured in the cage on the evening of 30 September. Since then it was captured in the cage itself. It was tranquilize for the first time on the same day and dressing was done after cleaning the serious wounds. Subsequently, there was some improvement in its condition, but it died during four days of extreme injuries and possibly after tranquillizing three times. On the other hand, the tiger T-109, which roams freely in the jungle, became very uncomfortable when captured in a small cage.

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