Tiger T 109 was tranquilized by the Forest Department at Ranthambore

​Tiger T 109 Aka Veeru Ranthambore – Photo Courtesy : Shakir Ali

Tiger T 109 (Veeru) was tranquilized and treated by the Forest Department in Ranthambore National Park. More than 35 wounds found on tiger body. Currently, the tiger is in a cage and will be treated further. It is being told that the condition of the tiger will remain critical for 36 hours.

In the Ranthambore tiger project, Tiger T 109 Veeru , one of the male cubs of tigress T8 aka Ladli , who was injured in a clash with tiger T42 ( fateh), has more than 35 wounds on the body. It is a matter of concern that there were worms in his wounds. The treating physicians have told that the next 36 hours are important for tiger T 109, given the grave condition of the tiger. The tiger is currently kept in a cage. Earlier, the forest department tranquilized the tiger at a farm house near Bhairupura Outpost at around 9:30 am on Monday.

According to the information, the tiger T 109 was reported to be injured in a farm house on Sunday. On this, the officials of the forest department reached the spot. After monitoring it throughout the day, it was found that there are many wounds on his body and worms in them. In such a situation it was necessary to treat the tiger. Veterinarian Dr. Rajeev Garg treated the tiger. Forest officials said the tiger had more than 35 wounds on its back, front legs and neck.

Remove more than 50 worms

After tranquilizing the tiger, insects were removed from the tiger's wounds. More than 50 insects emerged from the wound. If the tiger is not treated in time, it can cause infection and septic caused by the worms. This could have also led to the death of the tiger.

​Tiger T 109 aka Veeru during treatment – Photo Courtesy : Abhishek Chaudhary

There will be more treatment

After treatment, the tiger is kept in a cage and taken to Zone 10 of Ranthambore, but he has not left it open area due to more wounds. Forest officials say he is currently injured and will be treated further. In such a situation, he will be treated again on Tuesday. Till then he will be kept in the cage. Doctor Rajiv Garg said that the wounds are about five days old. Leaving in the open forest, there will be a possibility of worms in the wounds again. Due to this, the tiger will be monitored only by keeping it in the cage.

The struggle took place five days ago, the villagers heard the tiger's roaring

According to the information, there was a clash between Tiger T42 aka Fateh and Tiger T 109 aka Veeru in a private farm house outside the forest. People had also heard the sound of tigers roaring. There is also a possibility of conflict over the territory about five days ago. But the forest department received the tiger injuries late.

Tiger T42 Fateh not detected, search continues

There is also a possibility of Tiger T42 Fateh being injured in the conflict here. However, the forest department has not found Fateh T 42. The tiger T42 is being searched by the Forest Department team. This tiger is also likely to be in the Awand area of ​​Phalodi Range. Photo trap cameras have also been installed by the Forest Department at many places.

An increasing number of Ranthambore tigers are causing collisions among them. The tigers are colliding with each other for the sake of Territory. The forest department is concerned about the overcrowding of tigers and the conflicts in them. Three days ago, the sound of fierce fighting between two tigers near Bhairupura forest area was heard in the nearby forest. Probably the tiger T-42 (Fateh) and T-109 (Veeru) have a fierce fight. Both tigers got injured in a mutual struggle. After the struggle the Tiger T-42 headed towards Bhairoopura, while Tiger T-109 was tranquilized by the Forest Department from a farm house near Bhairupura, Which was treated by veterinarians. In view of the serious condition of the tiger, the forest department has kept the tiger T-109 in the cage after the advice of the veterinarians after treatment.

The tiger, which was sitting in the forests of Gopalpura, killed a shepherd in Faria village of Khandewala Gram Panchayat on 21 September. Just a day after this, another shepherd Pintu Gurjar son of Amar Lal Gurjar, who went to forest with the buffalo, was also attacked. He was referred to Sawaimadhopur in critical condition. Angry villagers had blocked the Khandar road. The tiger was camping in the forest of Gopalpura. Since then, there was fear in the village and surrounding people. Tiger had a constant movement in that area.

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Sunday, 20 September 2020