Tigers from Ranthambore to be Shifted to other Parks

The Government of Rajasthan schemes to shift 10-12 tigers from Ranthambore National Park to others wildlife parks in the state. As per the Forest Department others tigers from Ranthambore will be shifted to Kailadevi in Karuli district, Sariska in Alwar district and Mukundara Hills near Kota.

According to the news paper" The hundu.com "Following an increase in the number of Tigers and territorial struggles in Ranthambore National park, Rajasthan government considered on this sensitive issue and finally concluded to transfer some tigers from Ranthambore.

However, Rajasthan Government is happy with continually increasing number of tigers in Ranthambore National Park but wildlife specialist said that Tiger extensively to penetrate into each other's territory to find a proper space and were fighting others , as a result, tiger dies in the Park.

By the state Government the core area of the Ranthambore is 1113 sq km and buffer zone marked around 298 sq km in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, there are approx 60 tigers, including cubs in Ranthambore Tiger reserve and the area is Insufficient for 60 tigers. In 2013 the populations of tiger in Ranthambhore were 48 but till 2014 the number of big cats is around 62. On the vexed issue of the deadly fights between the tigers and their territory began five years ago. It is noticeable the a female tiger require a territory around 20 sq km whereas a male tiger needs much larger area than female and he covers around 40-80 sq km. therefore tiger's shifting from Ranthambore is only option and solution for save wildlife and Tiger !!! 

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Sunday, 20 September 2020