Tigress T-79 gave birth to two cubs in Ranthambore

Tigress T-79 spotted with two cubs in Ranthambore

Once again good news has come from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. In the past, where tigress T39 i.e. Noor was seen with cubs, there has been news of giving birth to cubs of tigress T79 on Tuesday.

Tigress T 79 has been seen with two cubs on Tuesday. Due to this, while the tiger population has increased again in Ranthambore, there is also a wave of happiness among wildlife lovers. According to the information received from the Forest Department, tigress T-79 has given birth to cubs for the second time.

In the Phalodi range of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the photo of two cubs of tigress T-79 has been captured in the camera trap. Sanjeev Sharma ACF Ranthambore Tiger Reserve I told that tigress T-79 has appeared with two cubs in the Tal forest area of Pandya, Bhairupura of Phalodi range. The photos of tigress and cubs have been captured in the camera trap.

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Three days before this, on March 5, tigress T-39 Noor appeared with a cub. After which the birth of two cubs of T-79 tigress has been confirmed in the photo which came in the camera trap on Tuesday. According to forest department officials, the age of the cubs is about three to four months. Significantly, the age of tigress T-79 is about 9 years.

The tigress and its cubs are being continuously monitored by the Forest Department. Staff has been deployed by the department for tracking the cubs and tigress.

Both the cubs were hunted

In the past, the tigress gave birth to two cubs, but in April 2018, the bodies of two cubs of tigress T 79 were found in the Awand Forest area. Seeing the carcass of the tigress cubs, it was being speculated that the cubs must have been killed by the male tiger. But Before dying, the cubs had eaten the carcass of a bull, due to which the death of the cubs is feared due to poison.

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The number of tigers in Ranthambore reaches 82

According to the Forest Department, the number of tigers in Ranthambore has increased to 82. Out of this, 77 tigers are currently residing in the first division of Ranthambore. These include 23 male tigers, 30 female tigers and 24 cubs. Apart from this, only tigers of Ranthambore are roaming in Karauli, Dholpur and Bundi. 

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