The Tigress T-83 Lightning Fell fell into a deep well at Ranthambore, but was rescued.

Tigress T-83 a.k.a Lightning fell into deep shallow well at Khava Village in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. She strayed to Khawa village and fell inside a shallow well from where Forest department manages to safely rescue the Tigress. 

November 14, 2016 at early Morning when the villagers went to the well so they were flabbergasted to see most. They found the tigress inside it and they informed the forest department and the team reached the spot soon. Village Khava is located our side the Park and being near the park area sometimes wild animals of Ranthambore National Park come out in search of hunting and water from the Ranthambore Park. As per Field director Mr Y.K. Sahu the villages is on the outskirts of the park and the tigress may have come towards the village for water.

According to him, the villagers informed the forest department and rescue was launched soon. According to The forest department official the water level of the well was low. The Tigress T83 Lightning had saved herself to keep swimming for about four hours into the well. The villagers were also doing their best to save her life. 

Eventually, the rescue teams of the Forest Department came at the spot and took stock of the situation and prepare to save the tigress. Members of the rescue team descended in the well with the help of a closed cage and tranquilized her and out of the well with the help of a bunk with an half an hour. Thus on immediate information, Tigress T-83 or lightning was saved by local villagers and rescue team of the Forest department reaching on time and from the beginning of the operation.

According the Forest Department official that as soon as rescue team stated the operation the team had to face trouble due to a great multitude of villagers. They had gathered to see the tigress and due to the outcry of the crowd and the noise by the villagers panicked the poor tigress. As per Chief Wild Life Warden [CWLW].G.V. Reddy the tigress has been safely taken out from the well. And now after proper checkup she shall be released in her territory soon.

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