Tigress T83 Lightning sojourn out of Ranthambore National Park

Nowadays in Ranthambore the young tiger-tigress is struggling for territory, Tigress Arrowhead aka T84 has possession on zone 3 of Ranthambore National park. Female tiger lightning T-83 has been making intrusions in the area of Tigress" Machhli". Yes that our beloved famous tigress T-16 a.k.a Machhali , There were tears in the eyes of millions people on the news of her death. 

Tigress T83 lighting in Ranthambore, Photo by Goverdhan Meena

 Recently, female cubs of T19 which are the variance in the zone three, they have begun local search of their territory in the Ranthambore National Park. One of them has grabbed on zone 3, after her mother to drive away from there. The other daughter of T19 is exploring a place in the area of Tigress T16, which had been victims of death last few days ago.

Tigress T83 Lightning killed a cow near the Village,Photo by Goverdhan Meena

Tigress Machli T16 extracted final four years of her life on the border of Ranthambore National Park. There are many luxury hotels of Ranthambore and farmhouse is located on the border of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. So, it is common to come at these places for wild animals. The atmospheres of these hotels are fully wildernesses. There is not much different in between boundary of the forest and Hotels. The area is vacant since the death of Machli and now Lightning T-83 is looking this place for her territory.

T83 a.k.a Lightning with her kill in Ranthambore,Photo by Goverdhan Meena

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016 a tigress known as lightning a.k.a T-83 moved inside a farm house on the border of the forest. It was the morning time at 9.00 AM when Machhli granddaughter lightning T-83 visited nearby the area of Ranthambore hotels, which are located in close proximity of Ranthambore National Park. Previously this area used to be Machli. Tigress T83 is daughter of Krishna a.k.a T-19.

Tiger in Kutalpura village – Ranthambhore National Park,Photo by Goverdhan Meena

She hunted a calf out of the farm house on the border of the Ranthambhore forest at Village Kutalpura. There were crowd of tourists and other local person due to the kill was near Hiraman Doongri. The villagers gathered to watch it on the top of a small hill of the Village. After the information, Forest Department team reached there and chased away the crowd. During this, Tigress escaped and went inside the four walls of a farm house nearby. Forest Department staff lifted the victim and put inside the Forest. After stepping out of the crowd, Tigress come back and re-entered the kill's place but the kill was not found, Later on there were smells, looking again to kill and finally she found and sat on the boundary wall of the forest and ate her prey. Later on, she was repulsed into Forest by the team of Forest department. Few days back, this tigress T83 was seen around the mountains of Village Bhadlao.

Villagers in Ranthambhore during Tiger Sighting,Photo by Goverdhan Meena
Tigress T83 – Ranthambhore National Park,Photo by Goverdhan Meena

 T-19 and her two daughters who were living at zone 3 in Ranthambore National Park now they have become completely separate. Now there is no any sort of contact among them and there is a situation of conflict has become for the territory. A Few days ago, after expelling the T19, her daughter Arrowhead T84 was foothold in the zone no.03. The second challenge for the Arrowhead is her sister Lightning T -83 in same area. Arrowhead drove her from there on its own. These days, T -19 Krishna is looking area for her on Zone 4 in Ranthambore National Park.

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