Fight between two tigers in Ranthambore National Park

Tiger Fight in Ranthambore National Park

Once again Two Tiger clashed over territory in Ranthambore sanctuary in the evening jungle safari shift on 6 January 2017. Conflict between two tigers lasted half an hour in Bakhola Forest area Ranthambore National Park. This Forest area comes in Ranthambore safari zone number 5 . This clash was captured by some tourists in the camera. However, the Tigers were separate later.

According to Tiger Project officials, there were one female and one male tiger for conflict for their territory. They also had minor injuries in clashes. It seemed to see that this conflict is between T- 64 and T-74. Both are male Tiger and may collide with each other over territory in Ranthambore National Park. This conflict can be dangerous BUT after investigation, it became clear that male tiger is T-74 and female tiger is T- 41. During the fight a tiger was in the water, meanwhile there was another tiger, the conflict between the two in the water hole. During the investigation revealed that attacked by male tiger T-74, On the other hand, fell into the water to save life she was the tigress T-41.

Tiger T-74

T-74 is male cub of T-17 and territory of this Tiger is Bakhola , Semli and Berda area in Ranthambhore. This male Tiger repulsed his father T-25 to Chiroli region of the Tiger Reserve and his brother had to go around Khandar area. This tiger has been living in the area for almost 3 years.

Tigress T-41

She is first daughter of Tigress T-4. Tigress T41 is around eight years old. It was seen in September in this area. In the last few days, T-41 was tremendous encounter with female tigress T-19 "Krishna" for territory. The tigress T-41 injured in encounter and she lost battle. Since then, it is staying away from T-19. 

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