In Ranthambore, the tiger T-25, who raised the cubs as a mother, was found dead

Tiger T-25 aka Zalim dead in Ranthambore

On January 20, 2020, a 16-year-old male tiger was found dead during a suspected territorial fight at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Sawai Madhopur district, Rajasthan. This tiger is known as T -25 aka Zalim aka Dollar in Ranthambore. This male tiger was famous for raising orphan cubs. This male tiger, played the role of a mother, raised two orphan cubs and surprised wildlife enthusiasts of the country and abroad.

The tiger conflict in Ranthambore National Park became the cause of death of another tiger. The forest department found the body of tiger T-25 i.e. Zalim aka Dollar Male in Jharakala Nallah of Sakhavata forest area of ​​Talera Range of Ranthambore National Park. On the information, the forest officer and the forest department's rescue team reached the spot and captured the tiger's body. The tiger's age is said to be around 16 years.

According to the forest department, T-25 is one of the tigers in the history of Ranthambore that raised its cubs after the death of fellow tigress. The tigress T-5 died in 2011. But she left behind her three female cubs of three months. In such a situation, the male tiger T25 not only protected those cubs from other wild animals but also arranged food for them. The forest department claims that this male tiger was the father of those cubs.

Tiger's Postmortem Report

Forest officials said the tiger's body was about 24 hours old. The forest department team took the body to the Rajbag post, where the veterinarian Dr. Rajeev Garg and his team performed the post-mortem. The teams of doctors have also taken viscera and blood samples of the tiger during the post-mortem. These samples will now be sent to a lab in Bharatpur or Bareilly for examination. Only after getting the report from there will the situation be clear regarding the causes of death.

Veterinarian Rajiv Garg said that the skull of the tiger is broken. Canine marks have been found on his head. One leg of the tiger also suffered injuries. In such a situation, the death of the tiger is feared due to conflict with a powerful tiger.

After this, the body was cremated in the presence of police and administration. During this time, CCF Manoj Parashar of Ranthambore Tiger Project, DFO Mukesh Saini, ACF Sanjeev Sharma, ROPT Ranger Narayan Singh Naruka, Rescue Team Incharge Rajveer Singh, Tehsildar Gopal Singh Hada etc. were present.

Chief Minister Expressed Grief

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also expressed grief by tweeting on Tiger's death. He wrote in tweet, sad news from wildlife. The famous tiger T-25 did not survive. He was a bona fide tiger who took care of two orphaned cubs and showed a paternal nature in raising, saving them, which was surprising to conservationists. T-25 will always be remembered.

A Film was made on the paternity of Tiger T-25

Wildlife film maker Nalla Muthu also shot her story with a photo trap movie camera. He also made a film called Tiger Revenge, which was broadcast to the world on National Geographic Channel. Nalla said that male tigers are considered enemies of cubs. But the world's bizarre incident occurred for the first time in Ranthambore, when the male tiger (father) raised the cubs.

Fear of conflict due to female

In the area of ​​Talera range of Ranthambore, the tiger's body has been found, there is currently a movement of a tiger and a tigress. In such a situation, forest officials are not ruling out the possibility of conflict between two tigers because of the tigress. Forest officials said that the tiger's body was found in the drain in Sawantra. Three days ago there was a movement of tigress T-54 and tiger T-66 in another drain situated just hundred meters away from there. In such a situation, it is also feared that the tiger T-66 encountered a Dollar male while wandering the tigers together and the T-25 i.e. dollar male died in the conflict.

The tiger hunted goats

Forest officials said that a tiger had also hunted goats near the Nalah in Samvata area two days ago. Now it is difficult to say which is the tiger killing the goats.

Tiger was captured on camera

Forest officials said that about four days ago, a photo of tiger T-66 has been captured in the camera around the drainage of Savanta. At the same time, there was also a movement of tiger T-47 i.e. Mohan in this area.

Ranthambore tiger T-25.This tiger came into the limelight due to its unusual behavior to raise two orphan cubs.

The Tiger T25 was given both names as such

The tiger T25 was also famous for its different names in Ranthambore. In Ranthambore, forest officials named the tigress T22 cubs in 2005 as T23, T24, and T25. But wildlife lovers gave T25 many nicknames. Among the T22 cubs, the T25 male tiger was a shy tiger. This was rarely seen by tourists. In this way, wildlife lovers named "Zalim" because of the tiger being less visible. After the death of the tigress in 2011, the tiger that raised her cubs, Bina Kaak, the then Minister of Forests and Tourism, named the tiger T25 the dollar male because of the $ dollar-like figure on her body.

Conflict: Three tigers died in a year

In the last one year, three tigers have died in a tiger conflict. Among these, the death of Packman in January last year and tiger T 109 Veeru on 3 October 2019 also occurred due to conflict. At the same time, the body of Tiger T25 was also found on Monday, the cause of death is feared to conflict with another male tiger.

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