Ranthambore’s killer Tiger T 104 Tranquilize and Captured in Kaila Devi Sanctuary

Tiger 104 tranquilized in Ranthambore

Man-eater Tiger T 104 or Blue eyes or Pretty boy of Ranthambore is captured in Kaila Devi Sanctuary. Tiger T104 was wandering in the forests of Sapotra area of ​​Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary for 9 days. The location of tiger T104 in the forests of Gorehar and Chainpura was ascertained by tranquilizes expert team of Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary and then the four-year-old man-eating tiger T-104 was tranquilized by Team.

Tiger T104 was born to a female named Laila (T41) and a male tiger T 74 in the area named Berda inside Ranthambore National Park. Early in the year his father T74 started pushing tiger T 104 out of the range of her mother T41. Since the big male tigers lived in almost all areas inside the national park, he had to leave the park.

After its medical examination, the tiger was locked in the STR cage and sent from the Van to Sawai Madhopur enclosure. The tiger was declared a man-eater by the forest department under pressure from villagers and public representatives after killing Pintu Mali by Tiger T-104 at Simir Bagh in Kalaguda on September 12. Separate teams from Jaipur, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Karauli and Sapotra had been trying to tranquilize the tiger based on radio collars and GPS for seven days. But the Tiger T-104 kept on dodging the team with a change of place in the forests and drains of Bansa Haari from Daulatpura's Hadiyaki Khoh.

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Tiger T-104 was tranquilized for the sixth time on Wednesday evening in the Kaila Devi Sanctuary area. Forest officials are describing the tiger situation as normal. The Tiger T-104 has been the most frequently tranquilized in the history of Ranthambore. Tiger T-104 has become the most frequently tranquilized tiger in Ranthambore. Tiger T-104 has been tranquilized six times by the department so far.

Team that caught the tiger 104

The team headed by DFO Hemant Singh, ACF Lakhn Singh, Regional Forest Officer Prahlad Meena and Anil Meena. Apart from this, Rajvir, Atul, Rajesh, Tiger tracker Ramlal Gurjar were from the tranquilize team of Sawai Madhopur Wildlife Sanctuary. Due to adverse geographical conditions, the tiger was hiding in the Hadiyaki lair, due to which the tiger could not get success in tranquilizing for 6 days. The location of the tiger T-104 in the forest of Bukna was traced by the rescue team at 11 pm on Tuesday night.

Tiger T-104 tranquilized for the sixth time

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First, the tiger was tranquilized after killing a woman in Kundera village in Ranthambore in February. Subsequently, when the tiger's radio collar collapsed, the tiger was tranquilized again to reinstall the radio collar. Subsequently, this tiger was injured in a skirmish with tiger T-64 in Dhakda forest area of ​​Ranthambore. After this, the tiger was tranquilized in the Kailadevi Sanctuary. The forest department team had gone to release the tiger in Phalodi range of Ranthambore, where the canter of the forest department team had deteriorated, due to which the tiger was again tranquilized and shifted to the cage. Now the department has tranquilized the tiger for the sixth time. Earlier, the Forest Department had also tranquilized male tiger Ustaad aka T24 four times.

Tranquilized for the third time in a month

The Tiger T104 was tranquilized for the third time in the last 40 days. On 11 August, tiger was tranquilized from Theekra Gaushala area of ​​Masalpur to bring him to Ranthambore. Subsequently, after a canter malfunction, the tiger was tranquilized once again in the Phalodi range of Ranthambore and taken to another canter and released into the forest.

Mounted the jeep on the hill and tranquilized the tiger

Forest officials said that around four o'clock in the evening, forest workers doing tiger tracking saw a tiger near the hill. Then dot was run to tranquilize the tiger. After hitting the dot, the tiger ran up the hill. After going a little farther, the tiger fainted in a flat place. The forest department mounted the jeep on the hill itself. After this, forest staff reached the spot by walking for about half a kilometer and brought the tiger down on a stretcher. Subsequently, the tiger was shifted to the cage.

Tranquilize Events

The tiger appeared in Jorli forest at 3:30 pm. The tiger was tranquilized at 4:30pm. At 4.50 pm, doctors checked the tiger's health. The tiger was shifted to the cage at 5:30 pm. The tiger left for Ranthambore at 6:30 pm.

Brainstorm in forest department on tiger's future, waiting for instructions from NTCA

Brainstorm: Tiger T-104 whether to be released in open forest or not

Discussions have started regarding the future of tiger. Currently, the tiger will be kept in a two-hectare enclosure for seven days by the forest department. Only then will the future of the tiger be decided. In this regard, high officials of Forest Department have reached Delhi.

Seeks guidance from NTCA: Where will the tiger be placed after being tranquilized? It has also sought guidance from the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).What will be done next with Tiger? All this will be determined as per NTCA guidelines. It is certain that the tiger will not be left in the open forest of Ranthambore.

Tiger T104 captured in enclosure, Forest Department will not leave in the open

The tiger T 104, transported from Kaila Devi Sanctuary in Karauli to Ranthambore, has been detained in a two-hectare enclosure. The tiger was released from the forest department on Thursday morning in an enclosure built at the Talera range of Ranthambore. The tiger is being monitored. The tiger is now fully healthy. The teams of forest officers and doctors have kept a close watch on the tiger. Simultaneously, tiger movements are being monitored. In recent times, two people were killed by tiger T-104 near Sapotra in Kaila Devi forest area. The tiger was constantly causing trouble to the villagers and the forest department.

After much effort, Ranthambore's team was successful in tranquilizing the tiger on Wednesday. Subsequently, the tiger was released by forest officials in the Bhid enclosure at Ranthambore at around 11 am on Thursday. The tiger got out of the cage and went into enclosure and disappeared into the bushes. Around four o'clock in the evening, Jaipur forest officials and veterinarians saw the tiger sitting near the tree. After this, the tiger disappeared into the forest.

Tiger T 104 Captured in Bhid Enclosure of Ranthamb...
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