The Identity of the Tiger that Killed the Woman in Ranthambore

Tiger T -104 Ranthambore

By getting out of the Ranthambore National Park boundary, the tiger that killed the woman in mustard field in Kundera village, identified as Male Tiger T 104 by Forest Department. This tiger is the son of Tigress T-41 alias 'Laila', which is a three year old male.

Let us tell you that on February 2, 2019, the woman was killed by the tiger attack in Kundera village adjacent to Ranthambore National Park. Tiger wanted to drag the woman into the jungle but could not do it. The body of the woman had been cut into three pieces. After this the villagers raged and all understood that the tiger had gone away. But the tiger did not go anywhere. He was hiding in these farms. He was waiting for a new victim, when the forest department was informed of the tiger presence in the fields. The forest department reached the mustard fields along with the rescue team.

Forest department team rescued the tiger in the field

On Sundays, even the villagers were shying away from the fields. In the afternoon, the tiger left Kundera's fields and went towards Bhadalav village about a kilometer ahead. The trekking team of forest department saw the tiger in mustard fields. Forest personnel aboard the jeep also took photographs of him. However, after some time, he was disappeared in the mustard crop.

Hunting for the killer tiger at Ranthambore National Park ended on Sunday night. The Forest Department successfully tranquillized Tiger T-104, which was hidden in the mustard field in Bhadalv village of Kundera Range and it was left in the forest. The forest department team caught the tiger around 7:30 in the evening. It was shifted to the other forest area of ​​Ranthambore by the department officials. After this the villagers and forest department officials breathed in relief. The tiger attacked on Munni Devi alias Guddi Yogi (52), a resident of Kundera, who had gone to defecate in the field at Kundera Village on Saturday. Since this incident the villagers had an atmosphere of terror.

The tiger has been monitored by the drone

The team of forest department also took help of drone cameras to track the tiger. According to sources, two drone cameras were flown around the area. This helped tremendously in monitoring the tiger. On this occasion Mukesh Saini (DFO) , Sanjeev Sharma ( ACF), Dharmendra Khandal, Rajveer Singh, Rajiv Garg were present. After trekking the tiger throughout the day, in the evening, it was tranquilized in a field of Bhadlav village and left in the forest of Berda in Ranthambhore National Park.

Confirmed with thermal cameras

After the capture of the tiger photo in the drone camera, the tiger was confirmed in the mustard field with the help of thermal cameras and watching tower. After the tiger's confirmation, the tranquilizing team of the forest department reached the spot in the evening.

The sequence of tranquilize of tiger throughout the day

At 04:30 PM – The tiger was given the first dart for unconscious but it did not get success and the tiger was not unconscious.

At 5: 45 PM – The second dart was shot on the tiger.

At 6:30 PM – Tigers became unconscious in the fields.

At 6:45 PM – Tiger could not be found in the fields, but later the forest department captured the tiger.

At 7:00 PM – Tiger health was examined.

At 7:15 PM – A radio collar was put to the tiger.

At 7:30 PM – Put the tiger in cage and give revival.

At 8: 30 PM – The tiger was left in the Berda forest area in Zone 4 of Ranthambore National Park.

The weight of the tiger was 180 kilos. After 37 hours of incident, tiger was tranquilized. Rescue operations run for 9 hours. Due to increasing human interference and rising number of tigers in Ranthambore National Park, tigers are coming out of the forest in search of territories. This has increased the incidence of tiger attack. Increasing human activity and rapidly shrinking forests have increased the human-animal conflict here. According to the information, more than ten tigers are currently roaming around human populated area in Ranthambore. There are T-83, T-79, T-110, T-96, T-98, T-99, T-101, T-66 etc. among them.

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