Tiger T 104 Captured in Bhid Enclosure of Ranthambore, Now NTCA will decide its Fate

Tiger T 104 in Enclosure

The tiger T104 routine was normal on Thursday for the second day at the enclosure of Bhid in Ranthambore. After hunting the buffalo left in the enclosure, the tiger enjoyed the feast. The Tiger T104 spent the entire day under thick bushes and trees. The health of the tiger was also good.

The tiger T 104, which was brought to Ranthambore on Wednesday after being tranquilized from the Kaila Devi Sanctuary in Karauli, was released into the enclosure of Bhid on Thursday. A ten-member team has been deployed by the department at Bhind Block to monitor the tiger.

Tiger T-104's enclosure built in Bhid is not a permanent destination. It is certain to farewell to Ranthambore. The fate of this will be decided by the NTCA. The tiger will remain in enclosure till then. On Friday, Deputy Conservator of Forests Mukesh Saini and ACF Sanjeev Sharma reached the Bhid enclosure and inquired about tiger activities. Enclosures have been constructed in two hectare area at a cost of Rs 35 lakh near the Bhid Outpost for tigers coming out of the forest range.

The T-104 is the first tiger to arrive in it. The enclosure has a separate safe place to treat injured wildlife. Three groundwater small ponds have been built for the wildlife and tiger living in the enclosure. In which water is filled by connecting pipes to the Bhid check post. Around three, three and a half feet high green net has been placed around the enclosure, so if any other animal comes out of the enclosure, then the animal living in the enclosure cannot see it and cannot be aggressive by looking at the other animal. For this, the base of the enclosure has been cemented.

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Record of every movement of tiger

Every movement of tiger is being monitored. For this, a register has been given by the officials to the forest personnel, in which information about the movement of the tiger and the location of the tiger in the enclosure is being recorded. Apart from this, records are also being maintained about other tigers and wildlife around the enclosure.

About 15 tigers for which enclosure will prove useful

According to forest departmental sources, the number of tigers in Ranthambore has increased continuously. Ranthambore has about 15 tigers more than the tiger territory. In such a situation, in the coming times, the enclosure will prove useful for other tigers as well. The tiger that goes from the forest area to the populated area in search of Territory will be tranquilized by the Forest Department and left in enclosure.

Tiger T-104 went out under pressure

According to forest officials, tiger T-104 is a young and beautiful tiger of Ranthambore. After separating from his mother, he went out to make his variance area. But due to the fight with other tigers, T-104 wanders from zone to zone and twice reached the Kaila Devi forest area of ​​Karauli, where two people were made his prey. Tiger T-104 could not stay on Ranthambore due to pressure from other tigers T-64 and T-58 of Ranthambore.

Hunted buffalo left in the fence

The tiger T-104 is temporarily living in an enclosure near Bhid Forest check post. The tiger is being fed by the forest department. Last day also tiger T-104 hunted buffalo left in enclosure by forest department. Due to adequate arrangement of food, water and shade, the tiger is resting in the enclosure. But this rest is only for the Tiger T-104 for some time.

The tiger is temporarily kept in the enclosure

An enclosure equipped with all facilities of wildlife has been constructed near Bhid Chowki. Enclosure has been made at a cost of about 35 lakh rupees. A three-foot green net has been placed around the enclosure. The tiger T-104 is the first tiger kept in the enclosure. Two raw and one constructed puddle have been made in it. The tiger is being monitored by the forest department.

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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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