Straying from Ranthambore, Tiger 104 Made a Third Killing in Karauli District.

​Tiger T 104 Ranthambore : Photo Courtesy Mohan Singh

In Simir Bagh village of Kalaguda Panchayat in Karoli district, tiger T-104 was wandering in populated and forest area for five days. On Friday, the Tiger T-104 attacked a 26-year-old man sitting on the bed in the courtyard of the house. The tiger attacked the young man from behind on the neck and dragged him to Yam's field. Seeing the crowd of the villagers, the tiger left the victim in dead condition and went to the millet field and lurked.

On the other hand, the post-mortem of the deceased was done at the Community Health Center in Hadouti and the body was handed over to the family members. The young man who died in the tiger attack was identified as Pintu, the son of Ramsahai Mali. Ranthambore tiger T 104 became a man-eater. This is the third victim in eight months.

According to sources, the forest department is now trying to capture the tiger, and is planning to transfer it to the Nahargarh Biological Park in Jaipur, where it will be kept in an enclosure. However, senior officials of the forest department have not confirmed any such plans yet.

If this happens, the tiger T-104 will be the second tiger to be kept in the cage from Ranthambore. Earlier, Ustad or T-24 has been kept in a cage at Sajjangarh Biological Park in Udaipur for the crime of killing humans. The incident took place in the Kalagudha area of ​​Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary around 8 am , when the deceased Pintu Mali was in his house in the middle of a small farm, near his forest area.The victim's mother and sister who were in the field heard a voice and shouted when they saw the tiger dragging Pintu Mali.

Tiger T-104 has been wandering outside the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve for the last few months and is often seen close to human settlements in Sawai Madhopur and Karauli districts. The agitated and angry villagers did not allow the forest and police department to lift the body and reportedly also barred the team. The forest department is camping in the village to track the tiger. Allegedly, they held the two forest guard's hostage until the other officers reached the spot.

Mother showed courage yet could not save her son

As soon as the young man was attacked, his mother dared the tiger to throw a sickle and shouted at Tiger. Hearing his voice, the villagers of Arampura mound reached the spot. Hearing the noise, Tiger left the young man and hid in Millet's field.

Attack attempt

After killing Pintu Mali of Simir Bagh, an attempt was also made by Tiger T-104 to attack on Ramdhan Mali, working in the fields 150 meters away but Ramdhan bravely saved his life by shouting and waving an ax. Then at 9 am, Ramkesh and Gordhan son of Swaroop Mali, working in the fields at the corner of Khutti, saved their lives by lying in the field. The situation is that about half a dozen villages are frightened by Tiger's presence.

The third victim, one incident in Sawai Madhopur and two in Karauli

On Thursday, Tiger T 104 attacked Pintu Mali and killed him. This was the third victim of this man-eating tiger. Earlier, the same Tiger 104 had killed its first victim, Munni Devi Mali of the same village, in a mustard farm on February 2, 2019 near Padli village in Sawai Madhapur district. After this the forest sanctuary team tranquilizes the tiger and left it in the sanctuary. This tiger reached the Kaila Devi Sanctuary in July. And on 31 July, Tiger killed a shepherd Roop Singh Mali in Durgasi Gata near Karauli when he was going to graze a buffalo. Tiger carried out both these attacks in Karauli district and before these two attacks, one attack was carried out in Ranthambore area of ​​Sawai madhopur.

The tiger was released from the Kaila Devi forest area to Ranthambore Zone 8

After the incident of killing Rup Singh in Kaila Devi forest area on 31 July, T-104 was tranquilized by the Forest Department and released in Zone 8 of Ranthambore National Park. Due to the pressure of other tigers, the tiger T 104 could not stay for long in the forest of Ranthambore and wandered from zone to zone in search of territory. In search of variance area, Tiger T-104 once again turned to Kailadevi forest area. On reaching the Kaila Devi forest area, Tiger T-104 once again attacked a young man near Medpura Bansari and killed him. This is the third case of Tiger T-104 attacking and killing humans.

Ranthambore National Park Deputy Director and DCF Hemant Singh said, 'The Forest Department has been given an ex-gratia amount of INR 4 lakh to the kin of the deceased. He said that our team is constantly tracking the tiger. However, the attack on the young man was so sudden that the tracker could not react or stop him. However, after the incident, the forest department has started searching for the tiger in the surrounding fields and formed teams to calm it down. He also told that "the tiger is going into an area that is difficult to reach."

NTCA's decision is awaited

Due to the monsoon, all the paths of the forest are bad and the millet crop in the fields also hinders the tracking of tiger. He said that additional assistance has been sought from Sawai Madhopur and Jaipur.

Chief Wildlife Warden Arindam Tomar said, "After capturing the tiger, we will leave it in an enclosure at Ranthambore. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) committee will examine the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in this regard and a decision will be taken accordingly.

No human fear in TIGER

Recently, a report was sent by the Forest Department to the Jaipur high officials. The report was in February 2019, in the case of a woman killed by a tiger T-104 in Padali village of Kundera. The team studying the behavior of the tiger collected a lot of information about the tiger and sent it to the higher authorities. According to the report, the tiger was of a fierce nature and its fear of humans was over.

Highlights of first report
  • The nature of tiger T 104 is fiercer than other tigers
  • Habitat area insufficient for tigers in Ranthambore
  • Fear of humans in tiger is over
  • Doubt on making tiger a territory
  • Frequent tigers fall into the human populated area.
  • Threat to both humans and tigers

After all, why T-104 is killing humans, it can be known only after doing full research on its behavior. In February, a 40-year-old woman was allegedly killed by the same tiger in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve of Sawai Madhopur District. The young tiger killed a human for the first time when he was pushed from his territory by another dominant male tiger in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Probably, he must have been hungry and to satisfy his hunger he killed a human. After that, he attacked the humans twice and killed them. Two people were killed by a tiger in Karauli area and one in Kundera range of Sawai Madhopur.

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